I help athletes And active people meet their  performance goals

Do you have specific performance goals?

  • build muscle mass

  • meet body fat % goals

  • improve times

  • increase training performance levels

  • improve overall health and have energy

  • prevent and heal injuries

My name is Melissa A. Mathes, I help athletes and active people meet their unique athletic goals, by teaching them why, when and how to utilize whole real food for fueling and therapeutic benefits getting  them to their ultimate performance goals. 


Maybe you fall into some of the problems below and don't know where to start or how to get to your goal?

  • Do you follow someone else sports nutrition guidelines?

  • Are you guilty of "winging it" with your sports nutrition?

  • Do you search the internet for products that will help you improve your performance (whatever that may be, gain muscle, lose fat)?

  • Are you the first one to try the latest fad diet or food trend?

I can help you reach your goals, by taking you from your current situation and utilizing my extensive experience as a certified sports nutrition dietitian,  to achieve  your goals! I realize that we are all unique and no one knows their body better than you, that's why we work as a team.  I  follow a nutrition care process set forth by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and guidelines from the American College of Sports Medicine, (supported by the USOC and NCAA organizations)and my recommendations are backed by science based evidence, while honoring your unique needs and preferences.





Boost your performance, increase your muscle mass, and decrease your body fat with carefully designed programs


Learn how whole foods can optimize your overall health through nourishment and therapeutic benefits, while meeting your health goals, with my special package programs. 


"With Melissa's help, I was able to meet my goals and beyond. The custom nutrition plan she mapped out for me was perfect. Having something to follow during my 50 mile race was exactly what I needed to get to that finish line strong. I'll be calling her for my 100 miler."

Coach Shari R.


Initiate your personal nutrition, weight, and medical-oriented goals at your therapy session. Total Nutrition Counseling focuses on receiving nutrients from whole foods with little reliance on supplements. Recommendations will be provided, and progress nutrition letters will be sent to your doctor if necessary.

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