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About Me

Melissa, is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with a Certified Specialty in Sports Dietetics/Nutrition (CSSD) with a masters in public health (MPH) who is passionate about her field, and wants to help people meet their goals, while looking at the whole picture and improving their overall health.  She is the owner of Total Nutrition Counseling (TNC) and has been an RDN  for 20+ years.  Melissa started her private practice so she could be assured to provide quality care to her patients, with a team approach and recommendations that are built on science based evidence.  Melissa's approach is "science is the foundation, but your body is unique" and that is always taken into account, since no one knows their body than yourself. Melissa's philosophy is utilizing “whole foods for therapy first”, and fueling your body for therapeutic health benefits and sport. Melissa’s sports nutrition motto is “Train Hard, Eat Healthy, Improve Performance and Feel Good!”

Hi There,
I'm Melissa A. Mathes



If you want to:

  • Take control of your sports performance and do all you can nutritionally to improve it

  • Meet your athletic goals, health goals and reach optimal performance

  • Alter your body composition to meet your athletic goals and health

  • Understand the importance of sports nutrition and how it can not only help your performance, but decrease risk of injury, or how to heal injuries

  • Demystify all of the MISINFORMATION on the internet, or in the gym 


If you are interested in feeling good, being Healthy, and improving your Performance, scroll down below and submit a message to Melissa!

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