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At Total Nutrition Counseling, we offer Medical Nutrition Counseling. This is professional evidenced based science counseling from a registered dietitian nutritionist for medical nutrition therapy.  Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is a nutrition based approach aiming to aid in disease management, by alleviating symptoms, and further progression while decreasing the risk for many other diseases and improving overall health. MNT counseling encompasses diet and lifestyle change, weight loss and management, and chronic diseases like; obesity heart disease,  hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, and more! 

Our approach is based on whole foods, first, and supplements second if warranted. We offer three packages to suit your needs. Read below for more information and to discover how our practice operates to achieve maximum results.  Submit an inquiry below to set up a 1 hour free phone consultation to learn more. 

WHOLE FOODS FOR Therapeutic 


Here at Total Nutrition Counseling, we focus on" whole foods first for nourishment and therapeutic benefits, and supplements second, if warranted."  We go through a nutrition care process required by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and utilize evidenced based science recommendations.  During your initial 1-hour free phone consultation, we'll go over how our program can help you based on your individual nutrition/health goals.


We offer three nutrition programs, to suit your needs.  They are designed to get you from your current health situation to your desired health goal. These packages consist of either 6, 8, or 10 week sessions. The package that best suits you will be based on your health situation and the time frame to meet your goals. 


Prior to your first session, we'll gather vital information, such as anthropometric data (weight, height, body composition) lab work, medications, supplements, diet preferences, diet history, 3-day food record, lifestyle and social habits related to nutrition (alcohol consumption, sleep, etc.) and eating behaviors.  At our first session all of this information will be assessed and addressed, and recommendations will be provided.  You will also receive nutrition education involving food quality, and specific nutrition recommendations for your health needs and goals. You will receive your individualized meal plan at your second session, with education on how to start utilizing it. In the third session, which I call my "enlightenment session" we will go over how to use your meal plan in a practical manner for convenient daily use.  Following the third appointment, each session will have a theme, depending on your health needs and priorities. An example of a themed session would be  how to stock your pantry and refrigerator with convenient healthy foods, or how to eat out healthy, travel nutrition, mindful eating, etc. All sessions will include checking outcomes on your weekly short term goals, as you progress toward your ultimate health and nutrition objective.


In addition to our 6, 8, and 10-week sessions, we offer follow-up sessions. These sessions are designed to supplement the program plan if you desire more one-on-one time to meet your goal. The post program follow ups are also for those who have already purchased a 6, 8, or 10 week plan, and decided to circle back to TNC for whatever reason. Once you purchase a program, you don't have to purchase one again.  

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