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Professional expertise counseling from a registered dietitian nutritionist, to meet your unique nutrition and health goals. These nutrition sessions encompass different medical nutrition therapy needs: weight loss and management, diet and lifestyle change (vegan, etc.) cardiovascular disease, and hypertension.


Professional guidance

Initiate your individual nutrition, weight, and medically oriented goals with Melissa during your discovery call. Total Nutrition Counseling focuses on whole foods for therapy first, supplements second if warranted. Science-based nutrition recommendations will be provided, with acknowledgment of your unique need health needs. Connection with your doctor via progress nutrition letters are suggested to keep your medical care involved.

Special Nutrition Package Plans to suit nutrition goals

The special nutrition packages are designed to get you from your current health situation to your desired health goal.  These packages are in 6, 8 and 10 week sessions.  These packages are designed to take you from nutritional issue to the solution.    


These packages follow an outline format you can inquire about at the time of your discovery call.  This format is subject to changes based on your unique health needs.  The first session in the package is all about gathering information about you, aside from what has been already gathered on your intake form you fill out prior to your first session. You will receive recommendations regarding your medications, supplements, lab work, diet history, 3 day food record, lifestyle and social habits related to nutrition (alcohol consumption, sleep, etc.), anthropometric data will be acquired (height, weight, measurements, etc.), and your nutrition and health goals will be addressed. Nutrition education will be provided at this session, involving food quality, and some specific nutrition recommendations for your health needs and goals.  Usually you will receive your individualized meal plan at your second session, with education on how to start utilizing it in a practical manner.  The third one hour session will be what I call an enlightenment session.  This will put your  meal plan together in a practical manner so you can utilize the recommendations and meal plan on a daily basis easily. Each session will be a continuum of checking outcomes on your short term goals as you progress towards your ultimate health and nutrition goals. Additionally, each session will have a theme if warranted depending on your health needs and priorities.   An example of a themed session would be  how to stock your pantry and refrigerator with convenient  healthy foods, or how to eat out healthy, travel nutrition, mindful eating, etc. We will determine the best package for your health and nutrition needs on the discovery call. 

Post Package follow ups

  Sometimes you may get close to your ultimate goal with the package plan, but need just a few more sessions to get there. These sessions are built to supplement the packge plan if you don't quite get to your ultimate goal. 

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