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Optimize your performance, increase muscle mass, decrease body fat with a foundation meal plan and sports nutrition recommendations for hydration and fueling for your sport. Melissa individualizes your meal plan based on your specific athletic goals, phase of training, sport and health needs.  Medical Nutrition Therapy is ethically  incorporated into all of the sports nutrition counseling sessions, ensuring you are getting a complete evaluation of both athletic needs for your sport and overall health. As a team effort, you and Melissa will work together to meet your health and athletic goals.



This program is all INCLUSIVE, it provides EVERTTHING you will need to know to reach your peak performance and more! You will have the same sports nutritional knowledge as Olympic and pro athletes.

Heavy Weights


Nutrition is the glue that holds your training together!

Dominate race or game day!

Sports nutrition programs based
on 6& 8Week Sessions

Your sports nutrition needs and goals will be evaluated at our discovery call to determine the best package length for you.  The purpose of the package lengths is to encompass your current athletic issue and get you to your desired athletic goal in a timely manner. The 6 & 8 week programs include modules for each week AND one on one sessions with me, either virtually, or in person.  The modules are correlated with the theme for the week.  For example all programs will include the same theme for the first week.  Week one is all about the importance of nutrition for athletes, and therapeutic foods. These modules include education on what foods are important to get into your daily diet, and how to read labels for health.  Every week we have a one on one session discussing the modules, and apply the information based on your INDIVIDUAL needs and health.  For example week one, I go over your intake form, and assessed food record with you.  I discuss any recent lab work, medications and evaluate any supplements.  I also collect anthropometric measurements, whether conducted in person in my office or by you with instruction.  In all of my programs you will receive a foundation meal plan based on your current health, phase of training, intensity, frequency and duration, stage of life, and athletic goals including  a personalized sports nutrition prescription.   Each program has a sports nutrition outline addressing sports nutrition subjects each week.  For example, week three is hydration, week four, pre and during fueling, week five, recovery nutrition, etc.  However, every session we set realistic goals, and monitor the outcomes.  We have time in our personal sessions to not only work on individualizing the information from the module that week, but also work on any other nutritional issues you may have.  For example, you may have eating behaviors you want to work on, or if you have a medical issue like IBS, we also address those issues.  As an RDN, I take a wholistic approach, the focus is on both sports nutrition, and your overall health .   We work as a team, I provide the evidence based science recommendations, with the understanding  that no one knows your body better than yourself, your input and feedback are important!




The ultimate sports nutrition program:


10 week Sports nutrition Optimal Performance Program

This is an all inclusive sports nutrition program.  If you are looking to finally reach your optimal level of performance, this is the program for you! This 10 week program, provides you with solutions to your sports nutrition problems.  Whether you want to change your body composition, or have a sports nutrition regime that will improve your performance, or you want to know what foods to eat to help you decrease inflammation, and risk of injury, this program will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need! This program provides you with evidence based science information on how to fuel and hydrate for  training event/game/race day, or tournament day.  You will learn how to adjust your nutrition when you travel, what to do when you feel an injury coming on, or how to heal from  an injury quicker, from a nutritional therapeutic point of view.  Master how to identify red flags on supplements and ergogenic aids, recognize what to look for when choosing safe ergogenic aids/supplements that aid in your performance.  Comprehend how to adjust your foundation meal plan when you are in off season, base training or pre season, and competition phase.  This program has all the information you will need, to reach your optimal level of performance! 

IF your ready to Finally reach your optimal level of PERFORMANCE,
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Post package follow ups

 In some cases you may need a little extra time to meet your athletic goals, after completing your package length.  I offer post package options once your package is completed, the point is to getting you to your athletic goal!  


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